Par Charles Bernard – Mis à jour le 21 April 2023

Dog and cat playing together

Welcome to Lebernard!

Since 2014, we have been aiming to build the Canadian reference for pet owners. The website is updated every week with comprehensive and relevant articles about cats and dogs.

In 2023, we began translating the portal from French to English. Stay tuned as more content becomes available!

About Lebernard

My name is Charles Bernard, I’m 33 years old and I love animals. I currently share my life with a beautiful black and white cat named Hypnos.

I don’t have any official training related to cats or dogs. However, I have devoured encyclopedias and consulted countless reference sites in order to summarize and centralize the knowledge for our readers.

I hope to encourage you to take care of your pets by promoting values of positive reinforcement and respect for animals. Respecting yourself is also important: by choosing a cat or a dog that suits your lifestyle, you will be more fulfilled.